Counting down from #10, we will go over the 10 most common causes of house fires.

Number 10: Faulty electrical wiring and outlets without ground fault circuit interrupters. These are listed as number ten, but that is so you can see them first! This is extremely dangerous.

Fire Hazards - Greensboro NC - Fire Safe Chimney Sweep

Number 9: Flammable materials left near furnaces, stoves, and fireplaces. This is extremely dangerous and can cause a fire in a matter of seconds.

Number 8: Kids. Children are fascinated with fire. What seems to a child like innocent play can quickly lead to a fire when a strewn match ignites the back of furniture or trash. Make sure they understand the potential dangers of fire.

Number 7: Pets. Dogs and cats can easily knock over a lit candle. It is important to make sure any lit candle or fire is put out so our furry friends do not inadvertently start a fire.

Number 6: Heating Appliances. Both plug-in and fuel-fed heaters are a common cause of fire.

Number 5: Christmas Trees.  During the holiday season, this is the number one cause of fires. The longer real trees are left up, the more dangerous they become. Keep them watered properly and take them down right after the holiday to avoid any problems.

Number 4: Cooking. Accidents are very common in the kitchen and the cause for a significant amount of home fires. Leaving bacon unattended or perhaps having the chicken in the oven for too long, are things that happen in households throughout the country. Someone leaves just for a second and that is all it takes for grease to hit the flame and cause a fire.

Number 3: Clothes Dryers. It would have been nice to surprise you, but everyone knows the dangers of blocked dryer vents.  Call a pro and get the lint out.

Number 2: Chimneys. Unlike Christmas trees, these Santa chutes are a major year-round cause of fires. Luckily, chimney sweeps go through them too.

And The Most Common Cause of Fires Is: Us. Lightning can strike, hot air can ignite, but the overwhelming majority of fires are caused by carelessness. Please attend to your chimneys, vents, and heaters to ensure that your home is safe and the only fires that occur are controlled and in your fireplace, where they belong!