It will not be long before warmer temperatures mean more time outdoors, so it is time to inspect the wood fired oven on the patio. Outdoor pizza ovens, both fixed and portable, are becoming more popular as homeowners watch their wallets more carefully. Definitely cheaper than going out for either pizza or grilled shrimp, outdoor wood fired ovens are great, as long as you choose the right firewood.

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If It’s Green Or Wet, Don’t Use It

Regardless of which type of wood you go with, the most important thing is that it be dry and properly seasoned. You should be able to see radial cracks on their cut faces if you are working with discs of wood. Rounds should be split when the tree is cut so that they dry faster, usually leaving them ready to burn six months to a year later.

Obviously, if you are cutting your own firewood, it needs to be protected from the elements and kept dry. There are, however, good reasons not to leave a firewood pile right beside your house where the deck offers it some protection. A shed is probably the best way to store firewood nearby, but far enough away from the house.

If you are buying your wood, the choice among types of wood is sometimes limited by what is readily available in your area. That will be fine, because there will be a number of varieties from which to choose. Give us a call for advice on the best wood in your neighborhood.

Fruit woods also impart a pleasant flavor to cooked foods, with apple and pear woods being especially popular among home pizzeria managers. Hardwoods like maple, birch, and ash, as well as oak that goes into lots of torn-out cabinets, all provide great outdoor oven firewood. Take care, though, to never place treated wood in an outdoor oven. You don’t want the treating chemicals ending up in your food!