Many people will have a gas fireplace installed specifically for the fact that they are much lower maintenance than a wood burning fireplace. However, there are still some maintenance tasks to be performed, by both the homeowner and a professional.

Your gas fireplace needs maintained regularly too

  1. Annual Inspection – even though you are burning gas, there is still going to be some buildup and debris in the chimney. For this reason, you should schedule an annual cleaning and inspection. Also, remember, there are some external factors affecting the overall safety and condition of your chimney and fireplace, which is why you should have it inspected yearly.
  2. Clean the Glass – after long periods of inactivity and once a month during regular use, clean the glass of the fireplace. Dust and grime can buildup on both the inside and outside of the glass, making the fireplace much less attractive.
  3. Internal Cleanliness – while you have the glass off, take the opportunity to check the inside of the fireplace for debris. Give it a quick cleaning to make sure there is no buildup inside the unit.
  4. Check Connections – you should also take this opportunity to check the connections and gaskets for proper working conditions. The owner’s manual should feature a trouble-shooting guide for this specific task.
  5. Check Vents – not all gas fireplaces have or require outside ventilation, but if your fireplace does, now is the time to check it. Even if you have it professionally inspected, you never what could find its way into a vent between inspections. If there is a blockage and if it can be removed, you can do it yourself. If it looks like there may be a problem structurally, call in a professional.

Overall, gas fireplaces do not require as much maintenance as a wood burning fireplaces, but there are still some tasks to be performed monthly and yearly. Follow the tips above and you should be able to keep your fireplace operating safely every year.