Are you in need of chimney sweep services? Have you ever hired a chimney sweep before? Do you know what the do, what to look for to prove they are safe, reliable, and can deliver the services they are promising? We have put together a quick guide that will help you find the best chimney sweep to hire.

Hiring a chimney sweep

  1. Are They Certified? – All chimney sweeps should be CSIA (Chimney Sweep Institute of America) and NSCG (National Chimney Sweep Guild) certified. As far as the industry is concerned, this is the standard. There are times when chimney sweeps will have an apprentice that is not certified, which is fine, but there should always be a certified chimney sweep present on the job.
  2. Do They Have References ? – Asking for references is very common in this industry and the chimney sweep should have no problem providing them for you. If they are not willing to provide references, you are best served to look elsewhere.
  3. Do They Have Proper Insurance and Bonding? – One of the reasons you hire a professional is so that you have recourse if something were to go wrong. All legitimate companies will have the proper licenses and bonding required in your state. This is NOT something  you want to hire off Craigs List for; the repercussions for a job not done properly are far too severe.
  4. Proper Appearance and Credentials Upon Arrival – The chimney sweep must have  the proper credentials in order to work in your home. In most cases, the companies will provide their employees with some type of company ID. There are actually companies that will email you a file picture of the technician that will be servicing your home. In addition, their vehicle should also represent the company. It is better to be safe than sorry, as there are far too many scam artists and you want to be sure the person is indeed who they are supposed to be.