The Most Common Chimney Services Requested

Protect your investment and your family with the most common chimney services requested in the chimney appliance industry. You can easily hire a certified, local chimney technician to do the yearly inspection and cleaning maintenance that is recommended by every fire prevention company and fire association in the US including your local fire department. If additional work needs to be addressed like chimney relining or masonry restoration, our technicians can do that as well. We even sell and install stoves for those interested in doing some upgrades to help heat their home.

Tech with tool belt and hammer on roof

Solving Your Chimney Problems

Over the last 30 years, we have offered our customers within an eight-county area, including Orange, Durham, Alamance, Chatham, Caswell, Person, Granville and Wake Counties, complete chimney repair, rebuild, and restoration services. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. One of the best ways to get in touch with us is through the contact form on this website. We check it often and will get back in touch with you within 24 business hours.

Looks Can Be Deceiving – There May Be A Heart Problem

We run into people from time to time who tell us that in their opinion their chimney, fireplace or woodstove looks just fine, and they think it can last a little longer before doing any scheduled maintenance. However, the truth is, your chimney can look great on the outside and be in poor, even dangerous condition on the inside. Our technicians are able to look inside the chimney with spotlights and in some cases a video camera to pinpoint any problem areas like chimney leaks that may be lurking in the dark. Also, older appliances were not made for venting today’s more energy-efficient units, so many times there are issues that must be addressed in order for everything to work properly and more efficiently.

When To Call For Service

There are really two things that should tip you off to call for service. The first is to correlate the maintenance of your chimney with the time of year you either do your spring cleaning or your fall winterization chores.  We recommend the spring.  Most people are not thinking about getting their chimney maintenance done at this time since they are not using it. Therefore, often times it is easier to schedule you more quickly. However, if you miss it in the spring, make sure you call us in the late summer or early fall.

You simply will not find a more versatile and affordable chimney company in the North Carolina areas we serve. Contact us today!


If you are in need of additional installations & applications, we can help with that, too. Remember, at Fire Safe Chimney Sweep, we’re keeping you safe!