Different Types of Chimney Crown Means Different Types of Repairs

Every chimney system is a bit different.  Some chimneys vent masonry fireplaces; others vent prefab fireplaces.  Still, others vent stoves or other appliances like water heaters.  Chimney crowns are typically found at the top of masonry fireplaces (refer to the diagram below). The crown can be made of several types of materials, but most are made of concrete (cement or mortar). It holds the top of the chimney walls together and keeps the flue, which lines the chimney, stabilized. 

Broken and damaged crown with cracks throughout before repair

Before chimney cap repair

chimney cap sits on top of the flue.  The flue carries the smoke, CO2 and other gases from the fire out of the house. The crown seals the remaining part of the top of the chimney stack to reduce leaks, debris, and small animals from entering into the chimney. This is one of the places a chimney technician will look at when conducting an annual inspection.  If a crown is properly constructed, it should have a slope from the center down towards the edges to prevent standing water.

Because of the location of the crown, which is high above the roof line, it is exposed to the elements 24/7. This is why we often find the chimney crown in need of repair. This is even truer in climates with freeze/thaw issues as well as high wind and damaging rains.  The pictures above show what can happen over time to the chimney crown.  Whether the crown has one main crack or several cracks and is falling apart, it needs to be repaired.  Delaying chimney crown repair can lead to water leaks inside the house resulting in further damage.

Repairing The Chimney Crown

We repair crowns with an application called CrownSeal®.  This is a flexible crown repair formulated to withstand severe weather and thermal stress that cause cracks.  It has a 10-year warranty.  You can learn more about CrownSeal® here.  The CrownSeal® should stop any water from penetrating through the crown, preventing any further damage.  If you recall from our Chimney Leaks and Chimney Repair Pages, water is usually the top cause of chimney problems.  Preventing the problem ahead of time is the right solution. Make sure your chimney crown is protected. Contact us today!


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After chimney cap repair with trees in background

After chimney cap repair