The Reason Why Chimney Inspections Are So Important

The number one reason to have your chimney inspected annually is Safety. An inspection can prevent fires and Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning in your home. These reasons alone should be enough for you to call and make an appointment today if your chimney has not been evaluated within the last year.

Here’s More Proof If You Need It

Long ago, storks nesting in a chimney were thought to bring good luck. Today, nests create blockages and hazards in chimneys. They cause smoke problems, chimney fires, and carbon monoxide emissions. None of these things is good and all of them can potentially kill you.

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), from 2006-2008 there were 26,900 residential fires related to fireplaces and chimneys. The total damage from these fires totaled over $125 million. The cost of an inspection is a fraction of what the average fire costs a homeowner and cannot even be calculated against a life.

Most saddening is the fact that according to the CSIA, the majority of these fires could have been prevented if homeowners regularly had their chimneys and fireplaces/wood stoves inspected and cleaned. Even if you don’t use wood in your fireplace, you still need to have it evaluated and swept as recommended: once each year. Gas, wood, oil, and coal-burning appliances in households still use a chimney to vent and carry harmful gases out of the house. These also need to be considered each year as an appliance that needs to be inspected and potentially cleaned.

Very old chimney that is slowly falling apart with bird on right side chimney inspections are very important
While a carbon monoxide detector can help determine if there is potential poison in your home, only a regular chimney evaluation can determine if your chimney is operating safely. If you’re in home improvement mode and cleaning out your gutters and your garage, take the time to make an appointment to have your chimney inspected as well. This will be one more thing that is done and can be taken off your to-do-list.

Getting your chimney evaluated by a Professional Chimney Technician is a great investment towards keeping your home safe and free of carbon monoxide. By hiring a certified professional your chimney will be inspected by someone who stays up to date on industry standards and the latest technology in regard to chimney systems. Certified chimney sweeps must pass a thorough examination process in order to maintain their certification, and staying current is an ongoing requirement.

Certified chimney sweeps are often called in when a chimney fire occurs in order to determine if the fire occurred as a result of the chimney system.

Here Are The Three Levels Of Chimney Inspection


Level I

  • Recommended for homeowners not planning on changing their heating system
  • Recommended for annual service visits and during the installation of flue caps
  • Technician does not use tools to remove doors, panels, or covers during the inspection
  • Commonly available tools are used to examine portions of the chimney and overall appliance.
  • The inspection will not disrupt the structure of the chimney.

Level II

  • Required when changing your heating system, when the flue is relined, or when an appliance is replaced
  • Required during transfer or sale of property
  • Recommended when an external event (weather) may have caused damage to the appliance
  • Includes all Level I inspections, plus a thorough examination of the exterior and interior of the chimney, as well as attics, crawl spaces, and basements
  • May include video inspection through video scanning

Level III

  • Recommended only after Level I and Level II indicate a hazard in concealed areas of the chimney and flue
  • Includes removal of portions of the chimney and/or building structure
  • Requires special tools to access hard to reach areas of the chimney and flue
Now that you know the reasons chimney inspections are so important, it’s time to take action and get an appointment made today to get your annual visit scheduled. Contact us, and we can answer any additional questions you might have.

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