Why Would A Chimney Company Start Selling Solar Products?

We get asked this question a lot.  The answer is simple: installing solar products during the chimney off-season helps keep us in business.  In addition, as stated before, we strive to incorporate new technologies that will help our customers.  With that said, in addition to all the chimney services, installation, and applications we offer, we also install tubular skylights and solar attic fans.  These products give customers eco-friendly options for lighting and cooling their house.  Solar products are becoming more popular as environmental awareness grows and as people look for ways to save money.  Tax credits, which are available for numerous solar products, are also giving people reasons to “go green.”

What does Solar Mean?

Anything that is labeled solar means that all or some of the components are powered by the sun. There are solar batteries that are charged by the suns rays that work like any other power source. They store energy that runs whatever is attached. You need to pay attention to the solar rating of any solar product. We are excited to be able to offer our customers options in this area that can enhance their home.  Please take a few minutes to read more about the tubular skylights and solar attic fans.

We also sell solar products - plant on window seal

What Is A Tubular Skylight?

A tubular skylight brings natural light into any dark room or hallway, without allowing heat transfer.  It is shaped like a tube, hence the name, and runs from your ceiling up through your attic to your roof.  Our company installs Natural Light brand tubular skylights.  They have the best construction, technology, and warranty on the market.  With different accessories, the possibilities you have with a tubular skylight are endless.  You can learn more by going to our solar website at nltubular.com/.

What Is A Solar Attic Fan?

A solar attic fan is an attic fan powered by the sun.  Attic fans are essential to keeping your attic properly vented and to reducing moisture build-up in your attic that may lead to a damaged roof.  Solar attic fans are a great alternative to the standard electric attic fans because they save you money on your energy bill.  We install Natural Light brand solar attic fans.  These fans, unlike others on the market, have a 25-year warranty and are the only fans that have an adjustable solar panel.  You can learn more by going to our solar website at nltubular.com/.

What We Offer

If you have any additional questions you can always contact us through the Fire Safe Chimney Sweep contact form or give us a call. Contact us today!

Solar tube in bathroom with large plant to the left and colonial blinds
Shower with a knee wall between shower and toilet no bathtub solar lighting
Workout room/office with solar lighting has equipment and desk set-up
“Your men came and were perfect of course and left me with a beautiful lighted dome that I watched last night until it was jet black dark outside. THANK YOU TO ALL. Love my solar tube!”
Joan M.

Durham, NC