Why Cleaning Your Gutters Is Important

Gutters catch the rain run-off and direct it away from your house.  Improperly working or clogged gutters can lead to or create leaking basements, cracked foundations, rotting wood, insect breeding zones, leaking roofs and more, wreaking havoc on your house.  For example, the extra weight of water-soaked debris in the gutters can damage the angle of the gutter, which is referred to as the gutter’s pitch.  When that pitch is damaged, it can cause excess water to back up into the house or flow into the foundation.  As you can imagine, neither one would be inexpensive to fix.  Even if you have a gutter screen system, you probably still need your gutters cleaned regularly.  Small debris such as silt can slip through the screens and cause blockages in the gutters or downspouts over time.


Water running out of gutter and not directed away from home can cause foundation issues and well as water in basement.
Another reason to clean your gutters is they keep dried leaves and debris from gathering in areas around your chimney. Any spark or hot ash that might fly out of the chimney will normally die out quickly and not be a fire hazard on its own. However, it can be a fire hazard if it hits a good fuel source like dried leaves. So, in addition to having your chimney inspected/swept and dryer vent cleaned, getting your gutters cleaned is another preventative maintenance task you can do to keep your home safe. Fire Safe Chimney Sweeps offers gutter guards for customers who do not want to deal with the having to clean their gutters. For more information on our gutter guards or our gutter cleaning services,  Contact us today!


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