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How Winter Weather Impacts your Chimney

As the weather starts to cool, more and more families begin using their fireplaces for the cold, winter season. While a crackling fire in the fireplace provides ambiance and warmth, the weather outside could be damaging your chimney or chimney structure. Weather...

Stinky Fireplace?

With warm weather sweeping its way in, you may be smelling a foul odor from your fireplace.  You can mask it all you want with air fresheners, but it never seems to go away. .How do you fix it?  The professionals at Fire Safe Chimney Sweep have the answer! Why does...

Dryer Vent Safety

It’s extremely important to keep up with dryer vent cleaning since the built up lint is a fire hazard that puts your house and everyone in it in harms way.  We are here to help you maintain a safer and more efficient dryer for you and your family.