Humane Animal Removal

The removal of animals from chimneys should be done by people trained to do it – this provides safety for the animal, the homeowner and the chimney.  Animals love to take up residence in chimneys and if chimneys are uncovered, you might as well put out a welcome mat. It is critical to make sure you have a working cap. However, even with this step, animals can sometimes move the cap or find their way in regardless.

Historically, once regulations existed to keep children out of chimneys, safety came to the forefront of everyone’s attention, to protect both sweeps and homeowners. Their humane removal, however, is something — ‘more modern’ — in which chimney sweeps are now certified by regulatory bodies.

Humanely Removing Animals from Your Chimney - Chapel Hill NC - Fire Safe Chimney Sweep

Humanely Removing Animals from Your Chimney – Chapel Hill NC – Fire Safe Chimney Sweep

Animals Are People Too…

People enjoyed safety protections for roughly fifty years before the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, implemented in 1918, first extended them to animals. Since that time, there has been a steadily increasing awareness of the need to deal humanely with our Earth-mates, among sweeps and homeowners alike. It is no longer just about protecting endangered species, it is about being humane in the treatment of all animals that have to be removed from chimneys.

Regulatory bodies kept pace with chimney swifts and the humane removal of all animals is now something in which certified chimney sweeps are well trained. Please do not light a fire under animals in your chimney to get them out, as there is nothing humane about that. This can harm the animal, but also create damage to your chimney as the animal struggles.

What’s more, once the animal is gone, your chimney has to be cleaned and inspected anyway. It just makes sense to leave it to professionals trained to do all of these things – starting with the humane removal of animals from chimneys. Whatever is in your chimney, rest assured, the safety of all involved, as well as the proper functioning of your chimney is of the utmost importance.